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SAFR is Latitude’s gold standard for optimized flight data management using IONode and SkyNode equipment and the Latitude Flight Data Analytics system. We believe SAFR fleet operational standards are important for each and every stakeholder of a working aircraft: the crew – and their families, flight operations, aircraft maintenance, customers being served by the aircraft, the marketing and sales department of the aircraft operator, and the operator’s finance and administration departments. Practicing SAFR operational standards can be very good for the fleet operator’s bottom line. Here are just a few examples of SAFR flight data and communications standards that will improve aircraft and flight safety, improve aircraft maintenance processes, and improve operational outcomes for your fleet.

Logistics and Communications

SAFR standards include flight tracking, passenger load and payload monitoring, destination and ETA, standard operational events, and other basic flight data reporting. SAFR standards include two-way voice and real-time messaging and automated data transmission between aircraft and ground.


SAFR standards for advanced aircraft performance data monitoring and reporting include scheduled interval reporting during flight and data transmission after landing for ETM, HUMS, and other flight data, all mechanical and operational sensors,and reporting flight anomalies.


SAFR standards mean multiple emergency communication channels including accessible mayday button for manual alerts, automatic reporting when defined flight anomalies are detected, and automated emergency status reporting when regular reporting unexpectedly ceases.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in establishing and maintaining SAFR operational standards for your fleet, your team, and your customers. Contact us at 1.888.966.5599, 1.250.475.0203, or SAFR@latitudetech.com.

SAFR is intended only as a freely given set of recommendations for fleet operational standards and does not constitute any form of guarantee of operational performance and safety. In no event will Latitude be responsible or liable for fleet safety and operational outcomes from the adoption of any or all of our SAFR recommendations.