DL150 Satellite Data Unit

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Latitude DL150 Satellite Data Unit

DL150 Satellite Data Unit

The DL150 Satellite Data Unit (SDU) provides the satellite connectivity for a FANS 1/A+ CPDLC system allowing capture and retransmission of Satcom messages as to meet the requirements of AC20-140B. The DL150 SDU is designed to meet TSO-C159b. The DL150 SDU acts as a communications link for a FANS compliant FMS via an ARINC 741 interface.

For information on the DL150 or to place an order, please contact us through one of the following options:

STCAuthorityAircraft TypeProduct AvailabilityHolder
ST03262CHFAABoeing B767-200 (UNS-1)DL150CJG
ST03262CHFAABombardier Challenger, 600, 601, 604DL150CJG
ST03262CHFAADassault Falcon 2000, 2000EX, 50, 50B, 900, 900EXDL150CJG
ST03369CHFAADassault Falcon 900, 900EXDL150CJG
ST03262CHFAAGulfstream Astra G100, G550, G-II, G-III, G-IV, G-IVSP, G-VDL150CJG
ST03369CHFAAGulfstream G-IVSP, G-VDL150CJG
ST03262CHFAAWestwind Astra, Astra SPXDL150CJG
ST02467SEFAABombardier Challenger 601DL150Duncan
ST03601NYFAAGulfstream G-IIIDL150PAS
FactoryFAAGulfstream G450, G550DL150GAC
FactoryFAAPilatus PC-24DL150PAOS
PendingFAABoeing 757-200 (UNS-1), Bombardier Lear 45, Gulfstream G200, Hawker 800, 850, 900, Piaggio P.180 AvantiDL150CJG
PendingFAAGulfstream G150, G200DL150GAC
PendingFAABoeing B757-200 (CMU 900)DL150DAC

• Take advantage of ATS services that support FANS 1/A+ equipped aircraft

• Small form factor, very lightweight

• FANS1/A+ compliant

• Data link for CMU-to-ground ATS, ACARS, and CPDLC messages

• ARINC 741

• ARINC 618

• Supports major CMU/MU avionics

• Requires passive LGA Iridium antenna

• Optional automated flight eventing and tracking (GPS antenna required)

• Built-in 3-axis accelerometer

• Built-in GPS receiver

• Additional serial ports and I/O

• NGSS Equipment Class Identifier: AES2-4/LBT

• Size: 6.8”x4.0”x1.2”

• Weight: 410 grams (0.90 lbs.)

• Power requirement: 28 VDC

• Operating Temperature: -45°C to + 70°C

• Altitude: 55,000 ft.

• Arinc 429: 2 x Tx, 4 x Rx channel pairs

• RS232: 2x

• 2 discrete inputs, 3 outputs

• L1 GPS with SBAS

• CAN-TSO-C159b

• DO-262B compliant

• DO-178C Level D