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What is your Tracking status?
What is your FDM status?
What is your FANS status?


Read Latitude Technologies’ interview in Inflight Magazine

Read Latitude Technologies’ interview in Inflight Magazine

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Latitude Technologies Welcomes New Addition To The Management Team

Victoria, BC Canada – July 4, 2017 – Latitude Technologies is very pleased to announce that industry veteran Raymond (Ray) Larkin has joined the Latitude Technologies sales team as Latitude’s Vice President of Business Aviation Sales with additional responsibilities as the accountable Manager developing Military and Government programs. Larkin has three decades of sales, marketing […]

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Latitude Technologies is a partner with CARIC – Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada

The Consortium has an extensive list of important projects including measuring pilot fatigue to manage pilot performance: “The nature of safety in aerospace has focused in main part on detecting and preventing failure of technology, and today’s aircraft report in real-time detailed data to aid in this effort. However, experience has shown that while failures […]

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About Latitude Technologies

Latitude Technologies is now well into our second decade as a global supplier of flight data management, flight tracking, and data and voice satellite communications equipment and service solutions.  Our customers include commercial airlines, government air fleets, and regional rotorcraft and fixed wing operators, operating in more than 40 countries and on all 7 continents.

Our products and service platforms are configured to fit the exacting technical specifications and operational requirements of each customer.  We welcome the opportunity to work with your team to build the end-to-end FOQA, MOQA, FDM, ETM, AFF, PTT, or Satcom solution that best serves your organization’s flight operations, fleet maintenance, and safety program needs.

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The services we offer are the most cost-effective and feature-rich intelligent data-delivery solutions for voice and voice and data satellite and cellular communication systems across the world. Over the past twelve years, we have steadily grown our customer base of satisfied SkyNode, IONode, and WebSentinel system users. We now support more than 500 commercial operators in the regional carrier, medical transport, aerial law enforcement, aerial fire fighting, oil and gas production, search and rescue, business aviation, special mission, and military defense sectors – operating in more than sixty territories on all seven continents.


Latitude offers commercial airline operators a lightweight, multi-faceted, and reliable FOQA (flight operational quality assurance) system that will give the operator a solid platform on which to build out a standard FOQA program consistent with FAA guidelines and the guidelines of other regulatory agencies.

Latitude’s award-winning IONode FDM lightweight flight data recorder is the hub for our FOQA, MOQA, and FDM systems.  The IONode is available in four different models, each designed to serve specific aircraft types.  The IONode can be coupled with our eNode 100 to add engine trend monitoring to your FOQA or MOQA program.

To extend your FOQA, MOQA, or FDM program, Latitude offers Latitude Flight Data Analytics, a web-based flight data retrieval, display, and analysis platform.  LFDA is a subscription-based service that supports multiple concurrent discrete users.  Some operators use LFDA to do all their flight data analysis, others use LFDA in conjunction with a third-party analytics provider.

For more information on equipping your fleet for your FOQA, MOQA, or FDM program, contact our commercial air transport solution specialists at 1.888.966.5599, 1.250.475.0203, or sales@latitudetech.com.

Benefits / ROI

Improve ROI on 67% or More of Your Aircraft’s Operating Cost

There are countless reasons why an aircraft operator would choose to install Iridium SATCOM. Some may be driven by operational needs, regulatory mandates, route structure, or current aircraft communication gaps. Technical benefits of Iridium over HF include 450-650W savings in power consumption, no cooling requirement, higher voice quality and reliability, 20-50 man-hour savings in retrofit time, smaller antenna and equipment which result in more flexible space allocation for installation, and approximately 50kg in weight savings. These weight savings alone could result in $3000 per year in fuel savings on a wide body air transport aircraft.

lat-graphFrom a voice communication perspective, not only does Iridium SATVOICE cost 30-50% less than HF, it is global and consistently clear. HF, on the other hand, is often of poor quality or variable due to effects from the sun, weather or geography. Iridium SATCOM can reduce channel congestion, pilot errors, and flight delays.

There are now hundreds of air transport category aircraft using Iridium to fly the North Atlantic tracks via FANS 1/A, CPDLC and ADS-C. FANS over Iridium achieves reduced separation between aircraft and results in increased traffic flow and lower flight time due to use of better winds, all while maintaining the necessary level of safety and communication. In other Flight Information Regions such as the Polar North, using Iridium to fly FANS/CPDLC from Europe to China has been proven to reduce flight times by as much as 20 minutes.

Let us help you build your ROI with a Latitude SATCOM system and Iridium SATCOM voice and data services. We can play a significant part in optimizing your flight by closing any gaps in your fleet’s voice and data communications.

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