Latitude Technologies is a manufacturer and provider of flight data monitoring, flight following, and satellite data and voice communications equipment and services.  Latitude’s SkyNode® products are the most versatile and economical-to-operate aeronautical communication devices in the world.  The company’s IONode™ is the industry’s first lightweight flight data recorder and advanced data acquisition unit, capable of real-time event and exceedance alerts and automated post-flight wireless data transfer.  Latitude’s DL150 FANS 1/A+ Data Link is the first lightweight multi-function SDU on the market.  Latitude provides reliable and secure aviation data and communication options for crew safety, fleet logistics, and operations and maintenance efficiencies with the WebSentinel™ flight tracking and Latitude Flight Data Analytics™ web-based data management platforms for desktops, dispatch centers, and mobile devices.

At Latitude, we achieve success every day for our customers,
our business partners, and our stakeholders by:

  • Developing and marketing innovative and technically superior products and services, making full use of our proprietary technology and aviation application experience
  • Providing value-added consulting and application development services to our customers and our business partners;
  • Maintaining impeccable technical standards of application availability, usability, and scalability across satellite-based and terrestrial wireless networks; and
  • Offering a workplace environment that instills and rewards the passion for excellence in our employees.