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Latitude is recognized as being the first satcom voice and data solution provider to provide fleet operators with full FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) capability in an affordable, easy to install and operate, and entirely integrated system. As well, Latitude’s agile solutions enable interface to practically any dispatch, scheduling, and ERP system when required. To complete Latitude’s end-to-end avionics voice and data solutions, we are an authorized global reseller for both Iridium and Inmarsat satellite airtime services.solutions2

Oil and Gas


Our IONode and SkyNode satcom data and voice systems are fully compliant with offshore helicopter safety guidelines.  Our IONode flight data management system is ideally suited to fleet HFDM (helicopter flight data monitoring) programs, making an important contribution to the safe transport of offshore platformworkers.

Latitude has voice and data communications solutions for work-alone projects, back-country work camps, drill rig and pipeline monitoring, and aircraft are used.

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Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

Aircraft have long been an essential tool in combatting wildfires. Latitude has led the way in developing AFF, retardant drop-tracking, air and ground asset coordination, and other technologies that are standards today for effective and efficient fire attack, asset and crew safety, and post-operations analysis in every major wildfire zone in the world.

Latitude’s SkyNode and IONode products go beyond basic tracking with tools to assess the effectiveness of aerial fire attack assets. The IONode ION100 coupled with a SkyNode communications module collects an array of data related to drop events and uses this data as inputs to our Air Tanker Information System to provide post-mission KPI metrics. Incident commanders are able to effectively target appropriate resources, and aircraft contractors have the opportunity to highlight their capabilities and cost effectiveness.

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Medical Transport


In situations beyond the reach or speed of conventional ambulances, aircraft play a key role in emergency medical and critical care patient transport.  Whether transferring patients from a remote community or reaching injured passengers at a highway collision site, air ambulance operators rely on Latitude to provide always reliable flight tracking and multichannel voice and data communications to the medical team on the ground preparing for the arrival of the patient.  Latitude has been a provider to the air medical transport industry for more than ten years.

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Search and Rescue


Coordinating airborne assets during time-critical search and rescue missions requires the accurate and immediate delivery of situational information.  Latitude provides numerous satcom voice, text, and data solutions to help track and manage air and ground assets deployed by search and rescue command centres.  WebSentinel NEXUS, our web-based universal mapping and tracking platform, enables SAR mission command to track every asset active in the mission no matter what tracking system the asset has deployed.

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforecment

Effective tasking and coordination of policing resources involves not just knowing where your aircraft are located but keeping instantaneous two-way communication channels open.  Latitude’s suite of voice and data communications solutions provides tools that go beyond tracking to provide messaging and data transfer essential to effectively coordinate surveillance, tactical support, and other operational requirements.

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Public Utilities

Public Utilites

Whether it’s monitoring transmission lines and pipelines or transporting workers and materials to remote locations, Latitude’s asset tracking and voice and data communications systems ensure that you know where your workers and crews are and what their operational status is at all times.  Having reliable communications in remote locations increases crew safety and effectiveness and provides operator peace-of-mind.

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Commercial Carriers

Latitude works with regional carriers across the globe to supply precise flight tracking and two-way cockpit-to-ground voice and data communications solutions.  Our IONode FDM system gives fleet operators immediate and reliable flight envelope, engine performance, and other flight data for post-flight analysis.  Commercial carriers of any size and operating in any region will benefit from improved operational efficiencies and increased flight safety delivered by Latitude’s flight data monitoring and automated flight tracking solutions.

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Business Aviation


Charter operators and privately owned aircraft that make up the business aviation sector require tools for flight monitoring and operational safety that are standard for commercial aviation.

Today’s fast-paced business environment demands real-time, full-time connectivity.  For phone and data access everywhere your aircraft operates, our SkyNode family of products supports narrow-band networking for aircraft requiring text messaging, email, FTP and Internet access.  For high-demand users, Latitude offers Internet-in-the-sky capability with Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satellite service.

For more information contact our solution specialists at 1.888.966.5599, 1.250.475.0203, or sales@latitudetech.com.

Special Mission


Latitude is recognized worldwide for developing flight data monitoring and reporting solutions for aircraft doing surveillance and reconnaissance, polar landings, precision payload delivery, and other special mission work.

We are experienced at building proprietary mission-specific tracking and communications solutions for law enforcement agencies, defence programs, and high-arctic transport and surveillance aircraft for customers in the US, Canada, and around the world.  Our special mission applications can be fully encrypted and are always safeguarded from unauthorized access and system intrusion.

For a confidential discussion about your special mission requirements with our senior customer service team, contact us at 1.888.966.5599, 1.250.475.0203, or sales@latitudetech.com.

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