Latitude offers commercial airline operators a lightweight, multi-faceted, and reliable FOQA (flight operational quality assurance) system that will give the operator a solid platform on which to build out a standard FOQA program consistent with FAA guidelines and the guidelines of other regulatory agencies.

Latitude’s award-winning IONode FDM lightweight flight data recorder is the hub for our FOQA, MOQA, and FDM systems.  The IONode is available in four different models, each designed to serve specific aircraft types.  The IONode can be coupled with our eNode 100 to add engine trend monitoring to your FOQA or MOQA program.

To extend your FOQA, MOQA, or FDM program, Latitude offers Latitude Flight Data Analytics, a web-based flight data retrieval, display, and analysis platform.  LFDA is a subscription-based service that supports multiple concurrent discrete users.  Some operators use LFDA to do all their flight data analysis, others use LFDA in conjunction with a third-party analytics provider.

For more information on equipping your fleet for your FOQA, MOQA, or FDM program, contact our commercial air transport solution specialists at 1.888.966.5599, 1.250.475.0203, or