The Consortium has an extensive list of important projects including measuring pilot fatigue to manage pilot performance:

“The nature of safety in aerospace has focused in main part on detecting and preventing failure of technology, and today’s aircraft report in real-time detailed data to aid in this effort. However, experience has shown that while failures in maintenance and engineering have been greatly reduced, aircraft accidents related to pilot performance is an area of research that has great potential to improve and enhance safety.

While aircraft components have been measured and are wired with sensors to monitor various critical components, the most critical component of the flight system and the pilot, has not been. Given the potential for fatigue to impact a pilot’s performance and safety, a means of measuring and analyzing that performance against fatigue-inducing elements has potential to fill that gap in aviation safety.

This project is a partnership between Conair Group Inc., the University of British Columbia, Okanagan, Camosun College, and Latitude Technologies, which was developed in recognition of the fact that there does not appear to be a relevant body of knowledge regarding pilot fatigue management in non-typical aircraft operations, in particular as it relates to the unique nature of the flying carried out during aerial firefighting.”

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