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SkyNode Messenger

Enhancing SkyNode Communication

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SkyNode Connected Messaging

Experience WebSentinel & Mobile Messaging as One

SkyNode Messenger is an app for iOS and Android that supports text messaging, phone dialing, and other SkyNode S100 and S200 features over a wireless connection. A SkyNode and wireless connection kit from Latitude are required to be able to use the app.

Stay Updated

Monitor the information page to view current GPS information and other important information reported by the SkyNode.

Send Events

Use the events page to send important alerts, such as Mayday, or Down and Clear.

Text Messaging

SkyNode Messenger supports 2-way messaging from the cockpit to WebSentinel.

Phone Dialing

Dial numbers for the SkyNode with a convenient touchscreen interface.

Receive Voice Calls

Use the S200’s Satellite Voice features to send and receive voice calls.

Custom Configuration

Configureable to your needs, changing notifications, settings and more.